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Profile of the programme

The Brevet de Technicien Superieur Game Art and Game Design intends to prepare the students for the development procedure of design and art related content for interactive games of serious and entertaining nature. It aims to convey the concepts of a video game production pipeline ranging from the preproduction through production into playtesting and release, and teaches a solid foundation of the practical skills required to design and produce art assets including drawings, 3D models, materials and textures, levels and animation. The course emphasizes the importance of the user experience by inclusion of the narrative aspect and gameplay mechanisms. The learning activities consist of lectures, exercises, autonomous work, individual projects, group projects and interdisciplinary projects as well as seminars. Throughout the programme, the students will participate in private and public events in order to forge a connection with actors within the game industry on national and international levels.

According to the classification ISCED-F 2013, the field of study is to be related to the domain 0211. The level of study corresponds to the certification ‘cycle court’ with 120 ECTS on an international level of studies. The national framework of qualification specifies that the BTS corresponds to study level 5. The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur certifies that the graduates will have gained professional qualifications and that they will be qualified to work as superior technicians in their field of specification and that they can practically apply their skills and knowledge gained during their studies in order to further improve and adapt to their work life.



The game artist has strong 3D and art skills and is capable of designing and producing 3D work for a variety of uses including 3D games and animated films.

  • Creative work: Research, conceptualize and take creative decisions. Work with color, shape and volume to design virtual worlds, their content and their inhabitants.
  • Technical tasks: Work with modern, specialized software and create the 2D & 3D assets, levels and characters required to bring digital games to life.
  • Work in teams: The production of games relies on the teamwork of specialized creatives.


Occupational profiles of graduates

The graduates will be qualified to work individually and, in a team, in a company or as independent contractor in the fields of video game or animation film productions. The course aims to empower the students to fulfill job roles such as Game Artist, Character designer, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Concept Artist or Interactive Media Designer. Moreover, they will be able to work as technical artists, linking the realm of artists and programmers working on the creation of video games.

Furthermore, the course will allow the graduates to adapt to the requirements of the steadily advancing domain of the creation of video games.

Dependent of the individual skill level of the person, further studies or independent work in the sector are a possibility.




Further information

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